astoria. oregon.

my boyfriend and i went to astoria a couple of weeks ago. i like to go there about once per year. i think it’s nice to just hang out, walk around, get good coffee, shop for antiques, and hear the ever-interesting local history. the architecture is fantastic.  this time i purchased a walking map and check out some of the history of the historic homes and churches.

the sign below is in the historic town of clatskanie. it says so many things.

this is the house that the sign is for.

luke’s shadow and the sign painted on the road telling people to turn to go to the column. it’s near the food co-op. i love the co-op there.

astoria coffee house. they serve stumptown and have yummy food. fairly low on the tourist feel, which i appreciate.

our hotel was rad. this was our closet area. the commodore hotel is the name of it. it’s set up sort of like the ace hotel in that, you can get a room with a shared bath. we paid extra to have our own, though.

beer at the fort george brewery. it always seems pretty hoppin’ in there, but it’s not really my scene.

this is the view out our hotel room window. the light is a reflection from the light in our room. i love the building that our window looked out over. i’ve been obsessed with it since the first time i ever went to astoria. does anyone know what happened to the awesome vintage clothing store that used to be out there? that was the other thing that made a huge impression.

the 14th street cafe was adjacent to the lobby of our hotel. they had good coffee from the water street roastery in portland, and the food at lunch time was awesome. they also have beer and wine.

blue scorcher cafe. yummy baked things, soups, and sandwiches. cool magazines. neat view.

weird pic of giant boat cruising strangely close to the shore.

so many beautiful homes in astoria. this is the home of one of the founders, the flavel house. you can take tours of it. i recommend doing this.

luke in the lobby of our hotel. there was a fireplace, and it’s pretty cozy in there.

neat, weird mossy things sticking up from the water.

this is a building down by what i call the cannery row area. it reminds me of monterrey a bit. this is an old thread company that is now condos.


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i'm julie thompson, and i live in portland, oregon. this city has so much to offer and so many places to explore. i enjoy highlighting some of these places here on my blog.
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