out the gorge.

on labor day my boyfriend and i took a drive out highway 14. this is a historic highway that runs along the columbia river on the washington side. it’s quite lovely. our final destination was the maryhill museum. they have on permanent collection an exhibit that i adore. i wrote about it here http://iheartfancyshoes.wordpress.com/2010/02/26/theatre-de-la-mode/ on my other blog that is more fashion related.

my favorite place on the highway 14 is a little scary because i’m afraid of heights, but it’s just so lovely…cape horn.

we stopped to use the restroom at a campground where i picked a wild blackberry and saw this…

then…suddenly…the landscape changes to be rather like a prairie.  i think it’s very strange and rather magical.

there are also really neat train tunnels on highway 14.

there are some other things that i would recommend checking out are on the other side of the river along interstate 84. there are bridges, but most of them are toll bridges, so have some cash on hand.

the town of hood river is awesome. there are tons of cafes, old buildings and a gelato cart. i like to stop here to eat.

on the way back i like to stop at char burger…be careful…there are two. i like the one that overlooks the river and is right before you reach multnomah falls. grab a booth by the window, a piece of pie and some coffee, and pretend you’re in a david lynch film.


About iheartlivinginportlandoregon

i'm julie thompson, and i live in portland, oregon. this city has so much to offer and so many places to explore. i enjoy highlighting some of these places here on my blog.
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3 Responses to out the gorge.

  1. janice plemon says:

    Thanks for the tour! Sounds just wonderful! Especially love the pic of the ‘magical’ prairie! Very beautiful. Looks like a Monet painting!

  2. emily says:

    Yeah! I was just thinking about the Mary Hill Museum. I went to a faculty meeting on Saturday and one of my colleagues went to Venice, Italy and they visited a cool museum that reminded me of the Mary Hill. It looks like you and Luke had a load of fun.

  3. thanks, guys. it is really neat out there. next time either of you visit, we’ll go there.

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