my home was in the oregonian!

my apartment was in the oregonian this weekend…on the cover of the home & garden section.

the following are some photos from the article:

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check out this other blog!

i just found the coolest blog…..

it chronicles some of the coolest old advertising signs that are painted on the sides of buildings all around portland.

after you look through here, you’ll never pass another without taking note!

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chinese gardens and random neat things from downtown on a sunny winter sunday.

last sunday was very blustery…and sunny. it also happened to be free admission day at the chinese gardens downtown. my friend nina moved to a loft down there, and i hadn’t been over to see it, so i got to do that and then go with her and her bf to the chinese gardens.

the ponds were mostly frozen. it looked really neat.

it’s a strange juxtaposition…those tall buildings in the background and reflecting on the water.

…and near the entry/exit…a small lady in a (potentially racist) mask who i got to have my photo taken with. very odd. i’m kinda excited yet kinda really scared.  i couldn’t stop talking about it.

i would really like to go on a not free day when there are (hopefully) fewer people. there’s a tao of tea shop in there where you can sit and have yummy tea…which i’m sure is quite serene when there are not about 50 people crammed into a tiny space.

the historic portland outdoor store…it’s still in operation. you can go get your gear for the next rodeo you attend at this place. they have a friendly and knowledgable staff. i love the sign.

the building below is near cameron’s books…i want to live in the top of it, but i think it’s offices. it would be amazing to have those exposed brick walls.

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pinkham millinery…a hat party!

if you are ever fortunate enough to attend one of dayna pinkham’s parties or fashion shows, i urge you to do so. she is a very gifted milliner with a great vision.

she designs and makes all types of hats and often uses vintage feathers and findings. she does custom work and has many hats already available.

she offers classes at her studio. i want to take one very badly. hopefully i will do so very soon.

recently i attended a party at her shop…

the lovely sage (above).

c’est moi! (above)

check out for the scoop.

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belmont station…over 1200 kinds of beer.

located here in southeast portland, at the corner of stark and 45th, sits a little store with a lot of beer that’s for sale.

one night luke and i bought this one…

we thought the label was really cute, and i love belgian beer, but it turned out to be a bit on the dark and sugary side, which i’m not really into.

…and ….i had fun taking photos of it.

check out the selection at belmont station the next time that you’re in the area. the staff seems to know their stuff. this is good since it’s an overwhelming amount of beer from which to choose.

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mid-century house plans.

i love home plans. i used to look at them all the time when i was a little kid. strange hobby, i know, but i’m an only child, so what do you expect?

over the years i’ve collected some of these. some of them are in magazines. i have a giant collection of better homes and gardens from the 1950’s…in fact, i may almost have them for all of the 50’s. my favorite house is from the october issue in 1958.

this house was so awesome. i always wanted to build it and live in it…but i thought that it was lacking a pool. see the below images.

it has a porch that goes around the whole perimeter.

a view from the back side into the living room. i love the open floor plan. the architect designed this for his family to live in. in just 1800 sqare feet there are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. the kitchen is in the center. the bedrooms are on each of the 4 corners, and the bathrooms are in between them.

the kitchen is in the middle of the home and quite open. i like this a lot.

here is the actual floor plan for other people who actually like to look at them…i’m sure there are few. notice the four ‘C’s by the entry? those are closets. they were elevated from the floor at the bottom, which was somewhat common in the 50’s. this was so that dust didn’t invade the bottom of the closet.

don’t you think this would look great in portland?…or on a large enough lot somewhere nearby? it could make someone a great beach house.

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my vintage sewing pattern collection.

perhaps i’ve mentioned before that i have a vintage sewing pattern collection. it’s intense. i’ve been collecting them for about 15 years, and i have about 1000. i haven’t counted them in a long time, and i hadn’t really bough many over the past 6 years or so. this summer is found so many that i couldn’t pass up.

check out some of my more recent acquisitions.

this one is rather unusual. i am guessing that it’s from a mail order company, as it wasn’t from one of the major pattern companies. it is american. it’s really cute with the little blouse.

i’m pretty sure that you couldn’t go wrong with either of these sleeve options. they are amazing! i love it when there is old handwriting on patterns. i also love it that the simplicity patterns of this era also depict membership of the NRA? totally weird.  the back says ‘simplicity leads the way to high fashion at low cost’.

the above 2 images are the front and back of the same pattern envelope. the envelope is made of something akin to wax paper. i think there are two different patterns in there, but i haven’t taken them out yet.

i think that my bf, luke, would look so amazing in an outfit like the one on the left, but he may disagree.


this would look really great on me. i wish that i could go to the store and find such cute things now.

furthermore, why are slips so ugly and unappealing these days. yes…i still wear slips. if you haven’t noticed i’m a bit of a granny, even though i’m only 34.

soon my friend rachel will be over to look through these patterns. i hope that she enjoys them and finds them as inspiring as i do.

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wine country.

with friends visiting from out of town, i thought going out to the wine country would be a fun experience. it totally was. it’s so beautiful out there, and i hadn’t been in a million years.

it’s interesting that most of them close around 4…and we didn’t get there until about 3. fortunately enough, we did get to drive around and look at the beautiful vineyards, since it was still light outside for a bit.  i have another friend who lives out there and took us on the many windy roads out in the country. amazing!

the following photos show how lovely it is out there in the fall. even though it was drizzly and dreary, it was so lovely. yamhill county.

inside penner ash, above.

i want to go again and get there earlier so that we can go inside more of them.

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national sanctuary of our sorrowful mother.

the grotto is a really neat place to go that i always forget about. i had only been once before and never up to the top. i would even venture to say that it’s peaceful gardens rival that of the japanese gardens up in washington park. i’m not sure if it’s because it was raining or not, but there weren’t very many people there. the japanese garden always feels too crowded to be peaceful.

particularly, the scale of the grotto is just amazing, as you will see by the following photos.

this is the chapel on the lower level…you don’t have to pay to see this beauty. it’s $4 admission to go to the top where the gardens are….and totally worth it.

the trees are so tall, and there are these really neat religious sculptures all throughout.

this was my favorite thing….a little prayer house to worship the virgin mary. it was super charming all covered in moss. it smelled like paint inside and had no natural light, but tucked here in the forest, it just looks like a fairy tale.

oh, fall!


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treasure hunting at estate sales.

one of my favorite things to do throughout the year in portland is go to estate sales.

usually i find many treasures. one of the particular kinds of treasures i like is paper ephemera. i collect vintage sewing items and have for what seems like a million years. most of the patterns and booklets are items that i already own, but sometimes i come across new ones.

another of the things i enjoy finding is booklets on how to build homes from the post war days.

below are some recent acquisitions of random paper ephemera.

these two ladies are so pretty. i wonder why their families didn’t keep these.

this booklet gives step-by-step instructions on the entire process of constructing a garment. pretty impressive for only 49 pages.

it even includes these directions on how to set up your work space!

the ultimate in diy….how to build your own concrete home.

this is a mod girl from a booklet on how to sew zippers into your clothes.

i crochet, too, but i’m not very good at reading the patterns. too bad…i have a ginormous collection of these booklets on how to knit and crochet from the turn of the century up through the sixties. will trade sewing with someone who wants to make me a new sweater.

…and another booklet that runs the gamut with instructions on everything related to making a dress…even below….how to choose a color of fabric that will work well with your hair color!

remember when fabric and everything else was made in the united states. this shift to virtually everything being manufactured overseas has occurred during my lifetime. very odd…

to summarize, i love going to estate sales and getting a glimpse into the lives of people from another era with other interests and values. i, obviously, love looking inside the homes, too.

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