from books…

i get so many books from the multnomah county public library that i sometimes think myself to be a book hoarder. i hope this isn’t true. i’ve been taking them back a ton more expeditiously as of late.

i couldn’t let these go back without sharing some of my favorite images with you…

and the kitchen that goes with this…

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dove vivi.

we finally heard someone who works there pronounce the name of the place that my boyfriend and i both love…doh-vay vee-vee.

yum. their pizza is so amazing.

you should totally go there!

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portland metro walks

my friend, jennifer, and i have taken my friend nancy’s suggestion. we have been going on walks from

i took some pics.

the following are from colonial heights/ladd’s addition:

these next ones are from the oaks bottom wildlife refuge…

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out the gorge.

on labor day my boyfriend and i took a drive out highway 14. this is a historic highway that runs along the columbia river on the washington side. it’s quite lovely. our final destination was the maryhill museum. they have on permanent collection an exhibit that i adore. i wrote about it here on my other blog that is more fashion related.

my favorite place on the highway 14 is a little scary because i’m afraid of heights, but it’s just so lovely…cape horn.

we stopped to use the restroom at a campground where i picked a wild blackberry and saw this…

then…suddenly…the landscape changes to be rather like a prairie.  i think it’s very strange and rather magical.

there are also really neat train tunnels on highway 14.

there are some other things that i would recommend checking out are on the other side of the river along interstate 84. there are bridges, but most of them are toll bridges, so have some cash on hand.

the town of hood river is awesome. there are tons of cafes, old buildings and a gelato cart. i like to stop here to eat.

on the way back i like to stop at char burger…be careful…there are two. i like the one that overlooks the river and is right before you reach multnomah falls. grab a booth by the window, a piece of pie and some coffee, and pretend you’re in a david lynch film.

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astoria. oregon.

my boyfriend and i went to astoria a couple of weeks ago. i like to go there about once per year. i think it’s nice to just hang out, walk around, get good coffee, shop for antiques, and hear the ever-interesting local history. the architecture is fantastic.  this time i purchased a walking map and check out some of the history of the historic homes and churches.

the sign below is in the historic town of clatskanie. it says so many things.

this is the house that the sign is for.

luke’s shadow and the sign painted on the road telling people to turn to go to the column. it’s near the food co-op. i love the co-op there.

astoria coffee house. they serve stumptown and have yummy food. fairly low on the tourist feel, which i appreciate.

our hotel was rad. this was our closet area. the commodore hotel is the name of it. it’s set up sort of like the ace hotel in that, you can get a room with a shared bath. we paid extra to have our own, though.

beer at the fort george brewery. it always seems pretty hoppin’ in there, but it’s not really my scene.

this is the view out our hotel room window. the light is a reflection from the light in our room. i love the building that our window looked out over. i’ve been obsessed with it since the first time i ever went to astoria. does anyone know what happened to the awesome vintage clothing store that used to be out there? that was the other thing that made a huge impression.

the 14th street cafe was adjacent to the lobby of our hotel. they had good coffee from the water street roastery in portland, and the food at lunch time was awesome. they also have beer and wine.

blue scorcher cafe. yummy baked things, soups, and sandwiches. cool magazines. neat view.

weird pic of giant boat cruising strangely close to the shore.

so many beautiful homes in astoria. this is the home of one of the founders, the flavel house. you can take tours of it. i recommend doing this.

luke in the lobby of our hotel. there was a fireplace, and it’s pretty cozy in there.

neat, weird mossy things sticking up from the water.

this is a building down by what i call the cannery row area. it reminds me of monterrey a bit. this is an old thread company that is now condos.

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an homage to henry ford’s…with borrowed photos.

i have been wanting to write about a restaurant/bar that used to be in southwest portland…where there are now some hideous, cheaply built condos….henry ford’s. this place was magical, and i have no pics of my own from there, so i am borrowing them from

i can’t even begin to describe how awesome this place was, and i’m surprised by how many of my friends never knew about it. it closed back in 2003. i never understood why. it was allegedly going to reopen in lake oswego, but i don’t think that it ever did.

let me just paint a picture here.  i have always described henry ford’s as “kitschy-classy”. my friends who had been there thought that to be a very apt description! you walk up the path, past the valet, onto green indoor/outdoor carpet under a roof of corrugated fiberglass. you enter the door and are greeted by an always pleasant hostess, who was maybe in love with the piano bar guy? they had a coat check. then you enter the main room…

the photo above is taken out of the window of my favorite place to sit. it was most people’s favorite place to sit. you could see a view of downtown portland and, on a clear night, mt hood off in the distance. in the foreground would be the amazing flaming, bubbling pond. i found this item to be completely captivating. on windy nights, little clumps of bubbles would fly away up into the sky. pure magic!

the walls were flocked wallpaper, and there were these gilded frames with brooches and other random things just stuck directly onto the wall. kitsch-a-rama.

i guess this is henry ford, although, i never met him.

the sofas were low and armless. the tables were shiny black lacquer. this was in the bar area.

some things that aren’t pictured but that made this place even more amazing as follows:

-lyle, the piano bar guy. lyle played everything at the same tempo, regardless of the song. if you remind me sometime, i’ll sing an example for you.

-the women’s bathroom in the bar-there were items that were supposed to make it fancy, but really it made it faux fancy….suave lotion and white rain hairspray.

-the dining room area-you could get yummy steak dinners, and the service was really top notch. lots of old people went there. there was also a patio with cute lights and an outdoor fireplace.

-the help- as i mentioned before, the service in the restaurant was really top notch. it was in the other areas, too. everyone who worked there was very warm and they had very colorful stories to tell and always remembered my name, even though i only went there about once per month. i miss them.

-ladie’s room in the restaurant area- sixties-victorian lady head wallpaper. that’s all. it was rad.

anyways, henry ford’s is deeply missed and can never be replicated. it had a strange patina, a weird vibe, and kitschy class.

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beverly cleary.

this past saturday i volunteered to help with the beverly cleary walking tour for the architectural heritage center. beverly cleary lived here in north east portland while she was in school. the weather was lovely and the info quite charming.

this is the historic hollywood theater. she used to go here. it used to be more opulent inside. some of the ladies who were on the tour remember going there as children and how fancy it was. there were even vaudeville acts that performed there.

this is now the north east community center, but it used to be the ymca. it is the setting in some of her writings.

the fernwood school….where ramona went to school.

henry huggins sculpture. grant park.

claudine’s house…although we learned that it wasn’t really at 37th and klickitat…beverly cleary just thought that was a cool name for an intersection, i guess.

this house is being repainted right now. it was the house that beverly cleary’s family moved to. the other houses they have lived in, they had rented. this was the first one in town that they purchased. unfortunately for my blog, i forgot to take a pic of the house she lived in between ages 9 to 12, that is between 33rd and 34th on hancock. i was overwhelmed by how cute it was, and i didn’t even think to pull out my camera. anyway…you should go see it. evidently the people who own it know that beverly cleary lived there and don’t mind gawkers.


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diana vreeland.

this lady is an inspiration to me. if anyone had gusto, i believe that is was diana vreeland.

the fashion editor character on ‘funny face’ was allegedly modeled after her.

she spent 25 years at harper’s bazaar writing an unusual advice column titled. below are two examples of this unusual advice.

i mean…i know why i don’t give most of these gifts, but i think the outlandishness is part of the charm.

although these, too, are outlandish, i think they would be more easily interpreted to suit one’s budget. they make me smile.

this image is d.v. herself substituting for a model who was sick or something. i love this image.

thanks…i’ll take one of each!

i want that for my bedroom. the ceilings must be one hundred feet high! anyone recognize that lovely lady? it’s lauren bacall from her days as a model. loverly.

i should post up some images of d.v.’s apartment in nyc, too. it was all read and very layered. to be continued…

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isabella blow.

isabella blow was the fashion director at tatler, the designer’s muse of philip treacey, and a discoverer of famous british fashion models. 

she suffered from depression and killed herself by imbibing some weed killer in 2007. i wish that she was still alive so that i could meet her.

a la schiaparelli.

then there are the pics of the inside of her flat….i swoon.

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various incarnations. set 2.

as i mentioned, i moved into a tiny apartment in san francisco. it was a studio with a trundle bed that pulled out from under the bathroom. you will have to look at these pics to know what i’m talking about…and then you may still be confused.

the apartment was about $300 per month than the one i had in pdx before i moved, and it was about 1/4 of the size. this was a good exercise in ‘editing’ my possessions. i sold about 75% of my stuff, and then i still had too much stuff in the tiny space.

at first i had my bed in the main part of the room and i stored stuff in the trundle part of the bed. eventually i got tiny storage unit in my building that was about $75 per month and barely the size of a closet, but it did free up some space to be able to put the bed into the trundle area.

this is when the bed was still the main focal point of the room and there was storage in the area of the trundle.

this is a split view of the bathroom and bedroom. the built in is on the other side of the bathroom wall.

kitchen shelf.

view into the tiny kitchen from the tiny dining room. the apartment had some neat built ins. i put up a tension rod with curtains so that i could store stuff above the refrigerator.  if i stood right in the middle of the kitchen and spread my arms, i could basically touch the back of the stove and front of the refrigerator, and i’m only 5’6″.

this is the dining room when i still had the dining table in it.

view of built in.

near the entry door, my shoes. eventually i took digital photos of them all and placed those on the ends of the boxes. that wasn’t until after i moved to portland.

bathroom shelf.

if you stepped backwards from the sink in the bathroom, you would fall down the steps.

lots more space since the bed was in a giant drawer and under my bathroom!

dining without dining table.

unfortunately my tiny apartment had a very bad mold problem that made me sick. when my lease had expired, i promptly moved.  i’m still feeling the repercussions of the mold. moral of the story: don’t live in a place with mold- EVER!

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