chinese gardens and random neat things from downtown on a sunny winter sunday.

last sunday was very blustery…and sunny. it also happened to be free admission day at the chinese gardens downtown. my friend nina moved to a loft down there, and i hadn’t been over to see it, so i got to do that and then go with her and her bf to the chinese gardens.

the ponds were mostly frozen. it looked really neat.

it’s a strange juxtaposition…those tall buildings in the background and reflecting on the water.

…and near the entry/exit…a small lady in a (potentially racist) mask who i got to have my photo taken with. very odd. i’m kinda excited yet kinda really scared.  i couldn’t stop talking about it.

i would really like to go on a not free day when there are (hopefully) fewer people. there’s a tao of tea shop in there where you can sit and have yummy tea…which i’m sure is quite serene when there are not about 50 people crammed into a tiny space.

the historic portland outdoor store…it’s still in operation. you can go get your gear for the next rodeo you attend at this place. they have a friendly and knowledgable staff. i love the sign.

the building below is near cameron’s books…i want to live in the top of it, but i think it’s offices. it would be amazing to have those exposed brick walls.


About iheartlivinginportlandoregon

i'm julie thompson, and i live in portland, oregon. this city has so much to offer and so many places to explore. i enjoy highlighting some of these places here on my blog.
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