beverly cleary.

this past saturday i volunteered to help with the beverly cleary walking tour for the architectural heritage center. beverly cleary lived here in north east portland while she was in school. the weather was lovely and the info quite charming.

this is the historic hollywood theater. she used to go here. it used to be more opulent inside. some of the ladies who were on the tour remember going there as children and how fancy it was. there were even vaudeville acts that performed there.

this is now the north east community center, but it used to be the ymca. it is the setting in some of her writings.

the fernwood school….where ramona went to school.

henry huggins sculpture. grant park.

claudine’s house…although we learned that it wasn’t really at 37th and klickitat…beverly cleary just thought that was a cool name for an intersection, i guess.

this house is being repainted right now. it was the house that beverly cleary’s family moved to. the other houses they have lived in, they had rented. this was the first one in town that they purchased. unfortunately for my blog, i forgot to take a pic of the house she lived in between ages 9 to 12, that is between 33rd and 34th on hancock. i was overwhelmed by how cute it was, and i didn’t even think to pull out my camera. anyway…you should go see it. evidently the people who own it know that beverly cleary lived there and don’t mind gawkers.



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i'm julie thompson, and i live in portland, oregon. this city has so much to offer and so many places to explore. i enjoy highlighting some of these places here on my blog.
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5 Responses to beverly cleary.

  1. Holly Chamberlain says:

    I had hoped to go on this tour but had a conflict. Thanks for the great overview! Cleary also had Yamhill County ties. Bus tour??

  2. Nancy says:

    The photos are wonderful.

    The bus tour is a wonderful idea particularly if we can keep it going south to include San Francisco and reconstruct her UC Berkeley days

  3. Nickie says:

    This is so cool! I didn’t realize Beverly Cleary lived there! I love these little tour thingies–I’m all for going on them here in NYC…particularly the ghost tours they have! I’m really into shit like that though—DORK ALERT!

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