various incarnations. set 2.

as i mentioned, i moved into a tiny apartment in san francisco. it was a studio with a trundle bed that pulled out from under the bathroom. you will have to look at these pics to know what i’m talking about…and then you may still be confused.

the apartment was about $300 per month than the one i had in pdx before i moved, and it was about 1/4 of the size. this was a good exercise in ‘editing’ my possessions. i sold about 75% of my stuff, and then i still had too much stuff in the tiny space.

at first i had my bed in the main part of the room and i stored stuff in the trundle part of the bed. eventually i got tiny storage unit in my building that was about $75 per month and barely the size of a closet, but it did free up some space to be able to put the bed into the trundle area.

this is when the bed was still the main focal point of the room and there was storage in the area of the trundle.

this is a split view of the bathroom and bedroom. the built in is on the other side of the bathroom wall.

kitchen shelf.

view into the tiny kitchen from the tiny dining room. the apartment had some neat built ins. i put up a tension rod with curtains so that i could store stuff above the refrigerator.  if i stood right in the middle of the kitchen and spread my arms, i could basically touch the back of the stove and front of the refrigerator, and i’m only 5’6″.

this is the dining room when i still had the dining table in it.

view of built in.

near the entry door, my shoes. eventually i took digital photos of them all and placed those on the ends of the boxes. that wasn’t until after i moved to portland.

bathroom shelf.

if you stepped backwards from the sink in the bathroom, you would fall down the steps.

lots more space since the bed was in a giant drawer and under my bathroom!

dining without dining table.

unfortunately my tiny apartment had a very bad mold problem that made me sick. when my lease had expired, i promptly moved.  i’m still feeling the repercussions of the mold. moral of the story: don’t live in a place with mold- EVER!


About iheartlivinginportlandoregon

i'm julie thompson, and i live in portland, oregon. this city has so much to offer and so many places to explore. i enjoy highlighting some of these places here on my blog.
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