out and about.

i was out and about all over town this weekend. this was the first weekend in a long time that i didn’t work. the weather was fabulous. the above image is from n. mississippi. i’ve always loved this building. i love casement windows. there is a vintage store in the front that seems to have mostly 70’s and 80’s garb and nw dance project (?) in the back.

the street that runs next to the belmont library, yamhill, has some little curves. i always love walking up in numbered streets and seeing this yard that has chickens. they weren’t out, but their sign is so cute!!!

flowers. southeast.

this car is such a lovely blue/green color.

church between hawthorne and belmont around 32nd. i love old portland concrete buildings.

carrot. laurelhurst neighborhood.

laurelhurst neighborhood.

near the laurelhurst whole foods. i love it that it’s still light outside after 9 pm these days.

my new favorite—jasmine ale from elysian. imbided @ migration. there were a bunch of loud, drunk, bro dudes there when we first arrived, but everyone else seemed nice.

and….how did i never notice this before????? poirot, on of my favorite agatha christie characters, painted on the side of house vintage. it’s in the alley by the new baked potato cart.

all in all, a lovely weekend.  i didn’t think that i would make any new discoveries, but poirot proved me wrong.


About iheartlivinginportlandoregon

i'm julie thompson, and i live in portland, oregon. this city has so much to offer and so many places to explore. i enjoy highlighting some of these places here on my blog.
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3 Responses to out and about.

  1. Sara Moriarty says:

    Looks like a wonderful afternoon! This weekend was utter perfection. I must try the jasmine ale you mentioned. ~Sara

  2. emily says:

    The ale makes me long for a sip!

  3. Helen says:

    Could you point me to some references and websites that deal with restoring casement windows? Your redo of them from apartmenttherapy.com makes me want to pursue this. my house has them. Reply privately if you can, best, helen

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